MainStream PC (Approved by AMD)

AMD 64 3500+
SG ST3808110AS 80G SATA II
ASUS TA581 Chassis

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NVIDIA® Business Platform
The NVIDIA Business PlatformTM offers a comprehensive stable image business PC solution for IT managers. By certifying systems, components, and software down to the motherboard and chip level, NVIDIA delivers superior hardware and software quality out-of-the-box. NVIDIA Business Platform PCs are built with industry-leading graphics and media & communications processors from NVIDIA along with high-performance Cool’n’Quiet AMD processors that will run the most demanding business applications today and have the capacity and expandability to run the most demanding applications in the future. IT managers who choose the NVIDIA Business Platform will have the confidence that their investment will be protected over the entire PC lifecycle.

NBP Multifucntionality
NVIDIA technology powers a number of commercial products. In addition to graphics processors built into top desktops, notebooks, workstations, cell phones, and PDAs, you can find NVIDIA media and communication processors (MCPs) in enterprise server offerings from HP and Sun Microsystems. As the clear market leader in supplying NVIDIA Quadro™ graphics cards and Quadro chipsets to the professional workstation market, NVIDIA has a built a reputation with its business customers as a technology leader with strong execution ability. NVIDIA built its strong position in the marketplace through partnerships with industry leaders like AMD, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Sony. In designing the NVIDIA Business Platform, NVIDIA took a similar route, partnering with leading motherboard manufacturers, system builders, and software vendors.

Cost Reduction
By aligning IT purchasing cycles with the NVIDIA Business Platform’s yearly cadence, IT managers can qualify a system only once per year within their environment and continue to buy an identical PC image from system builders for at least one year. IT managers will no longer need to re-qualify multiple times per year and per system builder, saving countless person-hours that can be re-assigned to higher value projects. Through partnerships with leading remote management software vendors, NVIDIA Business Platform certified remote management software solutions allow IT managers to distribute critical software updates and manage security policies across their organization from a central console. Costly desk-side visits are reduced