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Below are some of the interesting news items we picked out from the internet.

DisplayPort 1.1 gets ratified
PREPARE FOR an onslaught of new graphics card revisions. Just when you thought HDMI was starting to ramp up, DisplayPort has had its latest specification ratified for use in CE products.
Microsoft "animated curser" bugs users
SOFTWARE GIANT Microsoft’s fix for the 'animated curser' security bug might be causing more trouble than it is worth.
R600's secret weapon revealed
R600 HAS A secret weapon, an internal sound card. This is the one thing that Nvidia's G8x can't match, other than HDCP on dual-link HDMI.
Upgrade keys won't work on clean Vista install
Microsoft seems convinced that its users will only ever need to install Vista once, or at least seems to hope that we'll follow the path of least resistance and shell out for a new licence every time we do need to reinstall.
Western Digital releases fix for vanishing Caviar drives
SPINNING DISK firm Western Digital quietly issued a firmware update on its web site that should be applied to the company's WDxxxxYS series of "Caviar SE16" SATA2 drives.
Windows XP gets a longer life
SOFTWARE PEDDLER, Microsoft has decided to extend the life of its Windows XP home edition by more than a year.
Asus intros SideShow-ready motherboards
Bring out more Vista™ Enjoyment with Exclusive ASUS Motherboard Technologies ASUS‘s Revolutionary ScreenDUO allows viewing critical info without switching on the PC.
New PCIe GPU power connector coming
DUE TO THE uncontrolled power spiral on modern GPUs, the nearly brand new PCIe 75W power connector is overwhelmed and cards already need two of them. No sooner do they become common and useful than they get relegated to the dustbin.
Microsoft peddles Vista 'family values'
MICROSOFT'S retail launch of Windows Vista will be the first time that Yee Vole has tried to get an ordinary family to take part in its Minoan labyrinth style multiple licensing programme.
PCI Express Base spec 2.0 finalised
THE PCI SIG group announced that the PCI Express standard exists from now on in its Base 2.0 specification.
Panasonic Debuts Blu-ray Player
Mississauga, ON, September 18, 2006: Panasonic Canada Inc. has debuted its first Blu-ray Disc player, the DMP-BD10, accompanied by the SA-XR700 matching receiver and SB-TP1000 speaker system.
Microsoft Launches Zune
Microsoft's PMP comes to life Microsoft has been waiting for this moment for quite some time, and now the time has come. Apple had its day in the spotlight on Tuesday when it announced its 5.5G iPod, 2G iPod Nano and 2G iPod Shuffle, but Microsoft today is touting its new Zune Portable Media Player. What was once known as "Project Argo" now has to start the long journey uphill to take on the dominant champ Cupertino, California.
ViewSonic Integrates Display with iPod
Richmond Hill, ON, September 14, 2006: ViewSonic Corp. has announced a unique “Made for iPod” desktop display that features an integrated iPod dock called the ViewDock.
Build Your Own Windows Vista System
SLIDESHOW (100) Slideshow | All Shots Ah, Windows Vista. The much-anticipated new operating system from Microsoft was starting to look a bit like an albatross around Redmond's collective neck. After a long gestation period, including cutting some much ballyhooed features—WinFS comes to mind—Microsoft has finally shipped its first release candidate.

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